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About us

Creating possibilities and empowering nation’s development

  • our solution is developed to solve everyday challenge in finding the right professional to help us and our kids to make progress in an activity or subject that the applications and portal main purpose is to request development is sport, subject or art areas. We use technology to give people what they want to make progress and improve, when they want it.
  • For the professionals who offer their services through Dars, our app represents a flexible new way to increase income. For cities, we help strengthen local economies, improve access to personalized development making a better world
  • Our aim for everyone to benefit

Our Mission

  • Enhance learning journey to improve students ability by giving access to educations that fits student needs Develop more teaching talents while giving them access to students that needs help
  • What we do

    Platform and application connecting students and parents with tutors and coaches based on your needs to develop students in the following fields

  • Academic subject tutoring
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Hobbies