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Gregory Vrecenak

Team member

Price : AED 250 /Session

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United Arab Emirates





Date of Birth
1981-10-19 (Age is 37)

P0 Box 31631, Ajman, United Arab Emirates


About Me
I recently read a quote, and although I don't know who the author is, the quote really struck a chord deep inside of me. The quote reads, “Teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning.” As I reflect on more than a decade of my work inside of the classroom, I realize that I have embraced this philosophy since the first day I stepped into a classroom in September of 2003. Charged with teaching what many considered to be some of New York City’s toughest students, I immediately fell in love with a role that many other educators shied away from. The reason, I believe, is simple: every single day I stand in front of a classroom, I revel in the fact that I am lucky to be a teacher, and I love what I do. I view my students, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, as malleable individuals who grow to constantly seek knowledge and its applications when given the proper tools to do so. As the teacher, I am the hardware store, providing future generations of carpenters with the tools to build whatever stunning structure they desire. Although it sounds simple in theory, I have spent many years honing my craft to meet students at their level of learning. I constantly am taking inventory of students’ strengths, weaknesses, and interests to prepare thorough and engaging differentiated lessons that challenge students of all ages, grade levels, and abilities to think critically about their education and the world around them. This approach, one which requires myriad strategies and constant reflection, gives birth to learners who take accountability for continual strides in their own educational growth. Through this methodology, sometimes even unbeknownst to the students themselves, the learners have the capacity to delve deeply into a world of thinking and learning that was once foreign. Without a doubt, examinations stand as an integral part of the school process. One, no matter how hard he tries, cannot avoid the topic. Tests, however, are simply a single facet of the educational system. A creative teacher can instill both the love of learning and thinking as well as the ability to pass these summative assessments. The debate often arises as to whether teaching is an art or science. I maintain that it is a scientific art where the teacher has to understand psychology while applying his or her own creative touch to the day’s lesson. While lesson plans on a daily basis turn into unit plans on a larger scale, we as educators must keep intact a long-term focus for our students. We must understand the great value of education for the future growth and well-rounded nature of those in our charge. It is that vision of the future that will guide our abilities to truly understand the meaning and purpose of education. Seeing, and believing in, the individuality of each student affords us the great opportunity to plant the seeds of a most fruitful future, built by minds that have been able to fully engage in a truly priceless journey of knowledge and thought.

Highest Degree
Master's Degrees

Degree Major
Master of Science in Education, Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Rhetoric

Degree University
Brooklyn College/Binghamton University

Years of experience in education

Graduation Year

Creative Writing, Critical Thinking, English, Language Arts, Modern Literature, Poetry, Publishing Skills, Reading, Remedial English, Renaissance Literature, Research Skills, Rhetoric, Spanish, Special Education, Study Skills, Vocabulary, World Religions

Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Grade 13

UK – GCSE/A-level, European, Global – International Baccalaureate (IB), America

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Session Rate
AED 250/Session